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Julie Christopher

Julie Christopher is an accomplished recording artist, songwriter, Reiki Master, Yoga Therapist, Intuitive Business Coach, Consultant, Author and Speaker. Julie’s first career started in Paris, France as a full-time professional recording artist and musician. Julie experienced great success in France, with her music syndicated on various media channels and performing live shows at multiple venues. Despite her success, her intuition guided her to pursue a new life in America. Julie continued her music career in the United States and published her first US album, titled: Ecstasy. Julie traveled across the country and was able to jam with recording artists like Willie Nelson, sing at Fess Parker’s parties and even performed on the Grand Ole Opry stage. During her journey, Julie was drawn into a new career as a professional yoga therapist, publishing her own yoga training DVD. Many of her clients were entrepreneurs and executives who confided in Julie their challenges and obstacles in business. With her keen powers of intuition and heightened sense of consciousness, Julie realized that many of her clients complained about being overloaded with information, change, and new technologies. Many of them were seeking a solution to quickly handle these challenges and become better decision-makers and leaders. Julie foresaw that the trends of infobesity and datalanche were only going to worsen in the future, and that entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals desperately needed a way to cope. As a result, Julie created a proprietary process using a blend of meditation, yoga, and intuition to coach executives, professionals, and teams to develop their own innate skill of Biztuition, become better leaders, attract abundance, and grow their companies. She’s successfully helped entrepreneurs from all walks of life to navigate the challenging pains of growing a business, by helping them make better decisions by leveraging their own powers of Biztuition. As a high-level intuitive, Julie’s been interviewed on nationally-syndicated shows like Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield, and others. Julie Christopher is available for private consultations, group coaching, workshops, corporate events, corporate trainings, retreats, conferences, and speaking engagements. Her specialty is working with CEOs, executive teams, HR teams, and startups. Want to be interviewed on Julie’s podcast? Julie is always looking to share success stories of leaders who followed their truth and believed in their Biztuition, in spite of risks and contrary opinions. Anyone with a great experience or story to share is invited to be a guest on her podcast. If you’d like to book Julie for an interview, or inquire about her services, please contact Julie at: www.Biztuition.com http://www.Facebook.com/Biztuition http://www.Twitter.com/Biztuition