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Joseph Rickards

Joe Rickards has been featured as America’s premier real estate expert on FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, CBS News, Wall Street Journal online, Newsday, Morningstar and Forbes.com. World-renowned bestselling author and international speaker Brian Tracy has referred to Joe Rickards as one of the foremost leading authorities in real estate and finance. Since he can remember, Joe has always had two passions – real estate investing and marketing. Flat broke and straight out of university, Joe bought his first property with no money down. He went on to make a fortune in Canadian real estate over the next two decades. Joe currently runs several successful businesses with partners such as the former Director of The World Bank, and has a billionaire on his company’s board of advisors. Although he became a self-made millionaire in his late twenties, Joe didn’t have an easy start. He was raised in a dysfunctional alcoholic family in a poor farm home with no running water. Driven by his battered self-esteem, Joe chose a challenging profession, went on to graduate at the top of his engineering class and climbed the corporate ladder at leading Fortune 500 companies. He then left his engineering career to pursue his passions full time. After having business struggles of his own, Joe learned that most businesses fail due to a lack of effective marketing. Realizing that marketing is the golden key to achieving business success, Joe spent over six figures personally studying cutting-edge marketing strategies with leading experts such as Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes, to name a few. Joe’s eureka moment that inspired him to write this book came when he found proof that social media has turned conventional sales and marketing on its head and that most businesses today are missing out on the next big thing. Joe quickly jumped on the social media bandwagon and developed some of the most powerful viral social media marketing strategies available today. As a result, Joe is creating a flood of new paying customers for his consulting clients across the US, Canada and the UK. Joe is the founder of Worldwide Luxury Homes Group, part of the Luxury Homes Group of Companies – the recognized leader in the global luxury real estate investment market. They have an 11 year track record of buying and selling over a $100 million a month in luxury homes around the world in record time. Their vision and commitment to creating win-win solutions for their clients has helped them grow to over 400 associates worldwide. Their proprietary marketing strategies solves the number one problem that prevents most luxury homeowners from selling their homes fast – lack of affluent buyers due to their reliance on the conventional MLS sales model. Joe, and his wife and best friend Olga, enjoy a full life and live in a golf course community in the Okanagan Valley – British Columbia’s vacation playground. For more information, please visit www.JoeRickards.com