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Jon Bjarnason

Jon Bjarnason, the Learning Boss, is a 4th generation Entrepreneur from Iceland – and founder of the Learning Boss Program where he has incorporated his knowledge and experience as an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Speed Reading Instructor, Productivity Coach and iMindMap Master Trainer in helping other Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Executives to achieve more success, freedom, time and focus in their daily life. A small business owner himself for the past 15 years, he found his calling as teaching Speed Reading and as a Business Coach while studying Corporate Law. He has been a guest at various Radio and TV programs and a sought after Guest Speaker in Iceland at seminars for various companies and institutions. In recent years he has been turning his spotlight on Productivity in the New Economy and making better use of our most valuable commodity – Time – as a founding member of IAPC or the International Association of Productivity Coaches – and using his skills with Mind Maps and Speed Reading as a lifetime student and Serial Reader – he is constantly working on systems that allow individual Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Executives to make time – for the tasks that matter the most. For more information on The Learning Boss Program - a program dedicated to giving you the tools to help you become smarter, sharper, more progressive, aggressive, goal oriented, organized and productive on your journey to the top in your field in the New Economy through continuous learning and hands-on-coaching and how the program achieves it's goals with individual clients, you can go to www.theLearningBoss.com/CounterAttack and get more details.