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Johnny Tarcica

Johnny Tarcica is the Founder and CEO of Empleos.Net, a leading Job Portal in the internet for Latin America. He is also the creator of the FuturaDISC and FuturaDIAV assessments, which include personality, behavioral, desires, interests, attitudes and values tests, used by human resources departments, recruiters, trainers, consultants and coaches all over the world. Johnny is a well known entrepreneur, marketer, advertiser, talent acquisition expert, headhunter, international consultant and coach. Wearing so many hats; he has developed multiple relationships in different industries around the globe, with a variety of clients, partners, business associates and friends. A self-taught software developer, Johnny wrote the first code for www.empleos.net. He launched the company as a one man shop (himself), and worked his path to become one of the best known and most popular recruiting platforms in Latin America. An avid traveler, he divides his time between creating new software tools and attending conferences and workshops, to make sure he is always current with the new trends Always creating and developing new projects, he is also the founder of latinojobs.com, an internet job portal for the Latino community in the US that was launched in 2013. Johnny is also an enthusiast golf player. He plays just for fun, to enjoy life. Many people seek to play with him just as an opportunity to spend four hours of valuable talk and usually sound advice. He also founded the Happiness Bank for Latin America, where People can open accounts to keep track of their good actions, and include them in their resumes... In business he usually over delivers, besides being extremely flexible and targeted, so there is no wander why his clients love him and love doing business with him.. A famous tale recounts a prospect client he met on a plane who asked for a service that was not provided at that time, and Johnny created and quoted it. Business was closed before the plane landed. With so many projects and business ventures, when somebody asks Johnny to define which of them he thinks provide more value to the world, his answer is always FuturaDISC. It consists in an online testing platform that can be easily used for employee training and development, career planning, individual performance coaching and many more uses. This platform has been constructed following worldwide best practices using a multicultural team that provided input through different countries and continents. If you are interested to start or to expand a consulting or coaching practice, there is no better tool tan FuturaDISC to establish and engaging and long lasting relationship with your clients and also with your prospects. Get a free sample of FuturaDISC at www.futuradisc.com and start exploring the possibilities that you can accomplish using such a valuable tool You may contact Johnny directly at [email protected] A simple email to Johnny can change your life. Its free and you have nothing to lose. It may even result in playing golf with him.