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Johnny Chotrani

Johnny River Chotrani, dubbed by his clients as “The China Man”, and the founder of WinningInChina.com, is an entrepreneur and consultant based in Shanghai, China for the past 8 years. Johnny is involved in helping companies procure good quality products and competitive services from China – for their own markets. He also works and sometimes partners with overseas businesses and entrepreneurs, to study and further establish a presence in China, and profit by selling their products and services in China, the 21st century’s most important economy. Johnny has also helped many businesses solve problems with their current orders with their Chinese suppliers, thereby resulting in savings of time and thousands of dollars. Currently overseeing the operations of a textile manufacturing company (AsiaTexMfg. com), Johnny, with an excellent merchandising and quality control inspection team, supplies fabrics to garment factories/fabric importers in China and overseas countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, El Salvador and Ghana, to name a few. End-buyers include mid-sized and big retailers and garment brands in the US, Europe and Asia. Johnny’s other divisions have produced, inspected and fulfilled orders from both private companies and government organizations. The orders have involved a wide range of products including, but not limited to, water coolers (hot and cold), water filtration equipment, safety boots, respirators, industrial gloves, food-keepers, organizers, umbrellas, solar equipment and even mushrooms. Johnny, through ConsultWithJohnny.com, brainstorms with aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs who would like to trade their products or offer their services here in China. On very select projects, he may even be willing to be a partner. Johnny believes that “doing business is in China (or anywhere else for that matter), is all about the numbers. Out of 1,300,000,000 people in China, statistics show that 400,000,000 follow basketball. Imagine the possibilities!!! More stats? An official figure shows that 420,000,000 in China are internet users. Now, how are the numbers in your industry? Get your numbers right, put your plan in place, execute it right…and win.” To have a conversation with Johnny on: (1). How to RIGHTLY procure your products or services from China, OR (2). How to PROFITABLY sell your products and/or services in China and Succeed, OR (3). How to SOLVE your current issues with your orders and suppliers and WIN… Go to: ConsultWithJohnny.com.