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John Rutledge

John Rutledge has been my personal trainer for over 12 years. He is motivated, thoughtful, knowledgeable and experienced. John’s workouts are challenging and disciplined. He pushes you to your limit and does so in a way that is healthy and injury free...I trained with John and completed several marathons with his support. ~ Elizabeth Fort John is a certified American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer and Health Coach. He has been helping clients reach their health and fitness goals since 1993. He is an endurance athlete, running marathons since 1997 and has coached others to run their first 5K and other marathons. As a Health Coach, he has helped clients address behavior factors and habits that affect a wide range of issues such as: inactivity, stress, smoking, weight gain and obesity. John is also a certified Tabata Boot Camp Trainer. “Tabata is revolutionary in small group training.” In a Tabata Boot Camp, we combine highly efficient cutting-edge exercise, sound nutrition advice and the latest science that enhances positive behavior change. Personally, John has earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award from Toastmasters International, for outstanding accomplishments and leadership excellence in the pursuit of the mission of Toastmasters International. He has recently received certification from the American Council On Exercise - Fitness in Nutrition Specialty. Along with his love of personal training, he also enjoys playing drums and performing with other musicians. You can connect with John at: [email protected] www.jhrutledge.com www.Facebook.com/johnrutledgepersonaltraining