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John Miziolek

John Miziolek is President and CEO of Reset Branding, an innovative and strategic branding and design firm located in Toronto, Canada. From an early age John had the opportunity to learn about the design industry from his father, a successful Commercial Artist who worked with top-tier brands like Wrigley, Molson and Labatt. Coming from a family of serial entrepreneurs, John has built a highly successful branding firm that consistently delivers excellent results for clients. John has developed what he calls “Magnetic Branding”—the simple yet powerful belief that brands should draw consumers to them rather than talking at them. Considered by many as a master of strategy and execution, John believes strongly in the business value of design. He has a proven track record of building and executing highly successful strategic branding programs. His expertise is laser-focused on the development of CPG brands. A media mogul, John is recognized as an expert in the areas of strategic branding, brand development, naming and innovation and has been featured in USA Today, named one of America’s Premier Experts, featured on NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates, starred in History Television’s What’s In a Name? series, been interviewed by Global News and CBC Radio, and is a guest blogger for Fast Company, to name a few. You can reach John at: [email protected] www.resetbranding.com https://twitter.com/resetbranding http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmiziolek