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John Lang

John Lang is a bestselling author, marketing expect, successful Real estate developer and entrepreneur. With over 30 years of marketing experience at the highest level, John has amassed a resume of some of the most successful projects in the United States and managed a personal portfolio of over $400 million worth of properties. His successful projects have received National and International acclaim for design, marketing proficiency and profitability. The Arizona Republic, called him “The Man with the Golden Touch”. His most recent venture is RadicalWealthTM, a member-only resource which brings together today’s greatest thought-leaders to provide answers to current challenges by sharing insights, secrets and blueprints to a successful, fulfilling and balanced life. Founding contributors to RadicalWealthTM include T. Robert T. Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Mack Newton, Chris Widener, Harvey MacKay, Jim Britt and others. As a long-time business and coaching veteran, John has helped hundreds of people make powerful changes, helping them reach their personal and professional goals. John helps people create a plan that aligns your values and builds on your strengths while providing you the support you need to achieve the outcomes you desire. To learn more about John E. Lang and discover how to grow your business, find your niche and leverage your strengths, visit www.RadicalWealth.net