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Joe Hochman

Joe Hochman is unique in the real estate industry. Combining more than 20 years of experience as an actively licensed and practicing real estate lawyer and real estate broker, Joe is frequently referred to as the “Short Sale Guru” by clients, colleagues and industry professionals. Joe is a recognized and sought-after public speaker regarding short sales, real estate, foreclosures, legal, business and mortgage lending issues. Having taught short sales to hundreds of real estate agents, lawyers, loan originators, title and escrow providers in many states, Joe always strives to instill his positive and “never take NO as an answer” attitude to everyone he meets who wants to try their hand at short sales. Licensed to practice law in Washington and Arizona, Joe is also a member of the National Association of Realtors and a contributing author to legal and real estate sources. Joe has been rated as “Excellent” by the internet’s largest expert-only lawyer rating service. Known for his ability to get “impossible” short sales approved and closed, Joe and his team are routinely able to obtain debt relief for homeowners totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is also the go-to short sale negotiator for real estate investors and buyers who want to save thousands of dollars on their property purchases. Through his innovative No Hassle Short Sale Program, Joe offers property owners the opportunity to receive complimentary legal representation by a respected real estate law firm and the chance to pay no real estate commission, closing costs or real estate sales taxes. His focus is on helping clients achieve freedom from their mortgage loans while avoiding foreclosure and bankruptcy. Joe is the Managing Attorney of Hochman Legal Group, PLLC and the broker-owner of Avanti Realty, LLC. To learn more about Joe Hochman, the No Hassle Short Sale Program, and how you can obtain mortgage debt relief and complimentary legal representation from an accomplished Real Estate Law Firm, visit www.HLGLAW.com, email [email protected] or call (425) 392-1548.