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Joe Guros

From working on weekends at 14 years of age unload- ing grocery trucks in East Chicago, Indiana, to railroad yard work in south Chicago, to working above the iron melting pots in Gary, Indiana’s steel mills, Dr.Joe Guros, DDS had developed a strong work ethic and realized early on what an education can do for a person.

Making the switch from manual labor to intense study, he graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana in 1972 with a Bachelor of Sci- ence degree. Three years later he earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with honors from Indiana University School of Dentistry in Indianapolis, In- diana. He was inducted into the OKU dental honor society while in dental school.

A self-described “dental nerd,” he still spends most of his free time continu- ing his dental education. He feels that most dentists are good at their pro- fession, but he knows that very few spend every free minute reading about new techniques and improving their patient care skills as he does. He is not one ‘to toot his own horn’ so to speak, so he has quietly, with the help of a fantastic staff, built a dental practice based on patient comfort. His post graduate education includes: Functional Orthodontics, Invisalign Certification, membership in the International Association of Mini Dental Implant Dentists, Certification in Neuromuscular Occlusion, and countless dental seminars that earned him the Wisconsin Dental Association Continu- ing Education Award.

Most recently he became one of the first dentists to obtain Wisconsin state certification to administer Conscious Sedation enterally.

Dr. Joe’s well-rounded exposure to many disciplines of dentistry allowed him to deliver patient care that focuses on comfort. He attributes having a dental practice with the nicest patients that any dentist could hope for to his well educated, dedicated, and professional staff. He has often stated that without their support, he would not have the passion and drive to sustain a top-notch office.

Dr. Joe Guros maintains his office in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. You can contact Dr. Guros at: 920-563-6373 Or at his web address: www.fortdentalcare.com