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Joe Green

Joe Green, CPFT, CNC, CES is the Founder and Owner of Fit For You. Joe’s philosophies, training methodology and tools are at the leading edge of performance training with a focus on a simple foundation and premise for exercise variety intended to affect steady and consistent progress over time. Joe is a trusted and highly-regarded resource of the medical community including some world-renowned facilities for his work with special populations facing movement disorders, chronic illness and post-therapy rehabilitation. His medically-supervised programs are at the forefront of the revolution on making fitness a successful and healthy lifestyle that can and will truly last a lifetime thereby dismissing the inefficient, dangerous and injurious training methodologies of the past. With his evolving programs, educational seminars and a growing network of medical professionals, the opportunity to see and feel the future of health and fitness exists at Fit For You. In fact, the collaborative and mutually supportive bond that exists between Joe Green and the medical community has yielded some of the best long-term results available today. Fit For You also offers highly specialized programs designed to benefit women, youthful athletes and recreational sports participants. For more information on the highly skilled services and programs offered, please go to: www.phyt4u.com