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Joe Dorner

Joe Dorner helps his Clients and Associates plot a path to secure their retirement and helps them achieve it step-by-step with out-of- the-box thinking utilizing conventional assets in an unconventional manner, a unique proprietary process, six Core Programs, and a Private Deal Platform established by a cadre of successfully-retired Deal Makers enabling member only access to their Programs, Platform, and resources. Joe the B.C. (Before Calculator and Computer) dinosaur retired from mortgage banking and real estate prior to 9/11 and stopped taking on new Clients (as did the cadre), but none of them stopped doing deals. In addition to utilizing their Platform to do deals for their long-time Clients the cadre engineered a virtual re-birth of their pre-retirement Associate and Advisor model for the next generation. Joe is a Sr. Advisor with the least seniority, having only joined the cadre as ‘Joe the new guy’ in the mid seventies, and was ‘volunteered’ as the ‘gate keeper’ for Program & Platform access, charged with screening new potential Clients and Associates for entry before submitting them to the Advisory Board for Membership approval. Joe’s Clients have an above average net worth and early retirement rate which some would have never obtained without Joe’s counsel. Joe was always a quick study, an avid reader, and a lifelong ‘young man in a hurry’ who stayed ahead of the curve. He was an enterprising youth that first got interested in real estate in the 7th or 8th grade after reading a book by Bill Nickerson. He had little patience for school and was more interested in working and earning money ever since his first paper route at six years old. He quit high school twice and got kicked out once before the Marketing 101 course caught his attention and a good teacher made it make sense. He started learning the mortgage business in his last year of high school, got to a level of competence, and moved into restaurant management doing real estate and financing on the side searching for the right niche and mentor until joining the cadre in the mid 70s where he got his marketing chops. Joe is a graduate of the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ educated by reading, doing, making mistakes, getting knocked around pretty hard, and knocked down a few times in the process, but always getting back up, and always learning from the experience. Joe is the author of three books; Consistent Winner Black Jack, Achieving the American Dream, a 30 Day Blueprint for Success, plus one he’s embarrassed to mention. He has #4 and #5 in the works, and has been featured on radio and television a number of times including on: Ask an Expert, The Market Basket Report, and Let’s Talk About Money where he was a regular guest and was recently recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts. Joe prefers a quiet life with his family and wanted to turn down the assignment he was ‘volunteered’ for, but since he could not, he is the babysitter until the next generation of Associate leaders is found. You can connect with Joe at: [email protected] LinkedIn.com/JoeDorner Facebook.com/JoeDorner