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Joe Darden

Joe L. Darden II, BSW, MBA is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Sales Leader and Author. He has been on a journey “from ordinary to extraordinary.” His commitment to “applied character” is expressed through intentionally refining a pleasing personality, insisting on a strong work ethic, fueling a persistent strong desire to win, becoming a ‘fired up’ and intensely motivated self-starter, demonstrating a giving spirit, cultivating a willingness to learn, becoming a believer in the power of a positive mental attitude and the right circle of friends, embracing a strong spiritual tradition, and insisting on being a serious husband and family man. Joe, on his journey from a resource-deprived beginning has applied his character in consultative and solution sales, new business development, contract negotiations, B2B sales, key account management, and network and relationship building. His ability to identify needs and provide solutions working independently or as part of a team, has helped him exceed company expectations. His awards and recognition include earning the rank of Top Sales Rep/Highest % of Quota Solutions – 138% in 1st Quarter 2010. Meter leader of the month December 2008, Meter leader of the month November 2008, Order leader of the month December 2008, Master’s Club Earner in his first year in Pharmaceutical Sales, Top Rep based on Bonus Dollars per district, Final Incentive Plan payout Rankings for 2011 – #20 out of 148 reps. Joe, your maturity and quickly gathered appreciation for our business, and an obvious ability to sell, will form a strong basis for quality marketing to gain and maintain referral sources. ~ Century Financial Services Joe Darden lists as his top ten accomplishments: getting married to his wife, having two beautiful children, Haile and Hanson, getting his own new house corner lot and being youngest in his sub division, getting saved, earning “Master’s Club in Pharma” the first year in industry, reaching the Top 20 out 148 reps in his company in the pharmaceutical industry, receiving an MBA, earning a top award for Pitney Bowes with 138% of quota, for being a solution leader and making him the Number 1 Sales Rep. in SC, embarking on becoming a best selling author, and starting and growing a successful cleaning company. Joe believes and is a living example that we can all grow from ordinary to extraordinary if we “choose to apply the character” required. Joe Darden is available for speaking and motivational engagements and trainings, and can be reached at: (803) 479-7388, [email protected]