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Jim Bradley

Jim Bradley is the Internet’s foremost authority on overcoming frustration while golfing. Introduced to golf by a low-handicap girl-friend, Jim soon discovered golfing frustration, as he sought to quickly match her on-course achievements. Frustrated golfers of the world, Jim feels your pain! In the past he did it all: threw clubs, ‘busted’ clubs, and attacked golf bags. …And invented new swearing phrases to match almost any situation. Jim’s golf game was turning violent – he was beating up on himself! After watching the movie “Happy Gilmour,” Jim decided he didn’t want to be an angry golfer anymore, and set out to learn to golf without frustration. His efforts led to the development of his Frustration Free Golf program, which comes in various forms, from the full program to the “Emergency program.” And it’s all available at www.frustrationfreegolf.com Originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, Jim now lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He is a pilot for an international airline and has chased the little white ball on several continents. As well as golfing, Jim shoots clay pigeons, and is a former provincial champion. He is also interested in most other facets of fitness and health.