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Jeremy Bowman

Jeremy Bowman is the co-founder and president of RealPrompt Real Estate Services, home of Program HR 3648. RealPrompt is America’s leading, comprehensive short sale system for real estate agents and brokers. Program HR 3648, America’s Free Nongovernmental Foreclosure Option, has helped real estate professionals assist thousands of homeowners across the nation avoid foreclosure. Jeremy began investing in real estate in 2002, and by 2005 he helped create RealPrompt’s proprietary model that now serves agents, brokers, lenders and homeowners in every market in the United States. Prior to real estate investing, Jeremy founded Pilot Home Technologies, a regional home technology company. Within a two-year period Bowman grew the company to 250 employees across five states and sold Pilot to a venture capital firm. Jeremy has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with a minor in Economics from the University of Louisville. He currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife and five children.