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Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee is the daughter of a long line of successful entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia. As a child her family had a thriving import and export business in China, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. At seven years of age, her life was turned upside down. Her family lost their business, and she found herself in a Cambodian slave concentration camp. For the next four years, she and her family endured and survived the horrors of the Khmer Rouge/Pol Pot genocide. After years of enduring the hardships and cruelty of refugee camps, her family was given sponsorship to come to America by a local church group. They arrived in Atlanta Georgia. As a teen, Jennifer learned to adapt to a new culture, a new language, and ultimately found a new faith. Having the courage to be unique and to pursue her own dreams, Jennifer became a successful entrepreneur and business consultant. Continuing the family legacy of entrepreneurship, Jennifer continues to pursue her passion in business as well as business consulting. For the first time, she now tells her story of overcoming the odds of having lived through the tragedy of having lost her father and three siblings to the Killing Fields. She shares her story of love and forgiveness as a way toward healing of the deep wounds. She shares her deep religious convictions as the basis for her own healing and strength. Jennifer motivates women everywhere. For women who have gone through their own life struggles – she inspires others to pursue their uniqueness and calling in life. Jennifer pursued her Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurship from California State University of Los Angeles. Jennifer remains an active member with Toastmasters International, and continues to help others by volunteering through various organizations such as South Bay Literacy Council, American Red Cross, Cerritos Performing Arts, Long Beach International City Theater as well as a Volunteer Coordinator and Hospice Consultant for Tower Hospice. Jennifer’s desire is to return one day to Cambodia to build a Christian school that provides free education to both children and adults and spread the Gospel, as well as to share the spirit of entrepreneurship. Connect with Jennifer… Email: [email protected] Twitter: www.twitter.com/jlee4success.com Website: www.JLee4Success.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/JLee4Success