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Jenn Scalia

Jenn Scalia is a certified life and business coach born and raised in New Jersey. She helps, teaches and inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to gain the confidence and clarity needed to achieve personal reinvention. Jenn started her career as a freelance social media marketer and worked for some of the area's premier lifestyle companies, including a Philadelphia Indie clothing company, Miami based fashion magazine and one of Atlantic City's largest casino resorts. She is a published author and social media gal balanced with equal parts of sarcasm and wit. Her no-nonsense approach meshes well with that of the current generation Y-ers. By keeping up with current lifestyle trends, she is able to give her clients a unique coaching experience. On the verge of financial despair after losing her full time job, she knew she needed to do something drastic in order to live the life she needed and wanted and to have complete freedom over her finances. With zero income, $50,000 of debt and feelings of fear and doubt weighing her down, she decided to invest in herself by enrolling in an online business school and several coaching courses. Within a few short months, she found her calling in life and was able to create a profitable business surrounding her passion. Now, she helps aspiring entrepreneurs that are in the same position she was in at one time. Her goal is to help her clients work smarter and make more money than they ever dreamed possible. She believes that every single person has the right to create a fulfilling life while running a profitable business- one that plays on their deepest passions. She empowers her clients on how to consistently attract ideal, high- paying clients, put their marketing on autopilot and create a highly successful and meaningful business. Jenn uses the law of attraction and a holistic marketing approach to teach her clients to shift their mindset towards abundance and banish the negative emotions about life and business that are consistently holding them back. She offers several online training courses that teach small business owners how to leverage current trends to turn their side jobs into real profits. Through her workshops, courses and coaching programs, she guides entrepreneurs on how to go from zero to 6-figures in their business, all while experiencing more freedom and creating an abundant life. "I realize, in a logical perspective, that I may not be able to broadly change the world, however I know I can be an advocate for change. I know I can’t save every person from their fears, but little by little, I can help one woman at a time..." To learn more about Jenn Scalia, visit her website www.BeAwesomeOnPurpose.com and sign up for FREE weekly Motivational Life and Business Tips and check out her other products and service offerings.