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Jeffrey Bonham

Jeff began his real estate career in 1996. He discovered there has to be a better way to succeed than Traditional real estate broker methods and became a student of Leadership and Business Development. He joined Keller Williams Realty in 1998. In 2000, Jeff opened The Bonham Group. After three years of successfully operating his brokerage, he realized his business reached a plateau; it was time to find a coach to break through this ceiling. He then had the fortune to rejoin Keller Williams as a franchise owner/broker in Springfield, Missouri. He is a partner in multiple Keller Williams Realty franchises including Keller Williams Realty Greater Springfield, Keller Williams Realty North Mississippi, and Keller Williams Realty Coral Gables-Coconut Grove. He has played an integral role in opening KW offices in Miami Beach, FL, Syracuse, NY and Albany, NY. Jeff has also served in the role of CEO of The Jackie Ellis Team in Boynton Beach, FL, a team recently recognized by The Wall Street Journal as being among the top 200 of all Realtor Teams in North America. Since joining Keller Williams in 2003 he has recruited over 450 agents and trained thousands focusing on helping them fulfill their life mission. He has received Keller Williams Realty International’s Team Leader “Black Belt” Award and is an Approved Trainer for Keller Williams University, an honor held by fewer than 150 associates of the 78,000+ associates in Keller Williams Realty International. Jeff has discovered it takes a third party with an objective perspective to analyze the gaps in your business structure, what systems to implement, how to hold your money accountable to driving results, database management, direct response marketing, and Team Building so that you may transition from individual producer into someone who owns a business that provides income whether you show up every day or not. This is why he founded The Real Estate Masters Institute, a coaching company dedicated to helping top producers develop their business to such a high level they are able to live a balanced life and focus on fulfilling their personal life mission. He offers one-on-one coaching for agents and one or two day seminars on a variety of topics designed to give you action plans for immediate implementation and significant results. You may visit The Real Estate Masters Institute online at www.TheREMI.com. For coaching, consulting, or speaking engagements you may contact jeff via email: [email protected]