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Jeff Brodie

Jeff Brodie can't help himself. He just has to tear things apart to discover how they work. And then he has to figure out how to make them work better. It is his cross to bear. He is simply never satisfied with the status quo. And that drive "to make things better" means MORE PROFIT for Jeff's clients.

While Jeff believes that technology can do wondrous things for his clients, he also believes that, if those "wondrous things" do not lead to more PROFITS for his clients, then what's is the point? Small companies are in business to make money, while serving the needs of their clients or customers.

But as technology drives business more than ever before, people often forget what's really most important: is it the new tech gadget . . . or the money the gadget makes for your business.

If you search for "Managed Services" in Jeff's home town of Toronto, you will find no less than 60+ companies who can deliver these technical services to you. But, today, August 2, 2012, you won't find one those companies whose sole purpose in life is to help small businesses make more money. I know. I looked. I expect there will be many more who will copy this approach once this book is published.

So how did a kid who grew up in rural Northern Ontario become this strange combination of super techie and profit-focused entrepreneur? Jeff discovered "entrepreneurial thinking" when he was just a pup, as he rented out his parent’s lounge chairs for cash! Jeff's life long love affair with cash flow was started! It has never stopped.

As a kid fascinated by how things worked, Jeff constantly took things apart, much to the dismay of his mother. But as he put them back together, Jeff learned how to fix things, out of sheer intuition. The son of a talented auto mechanic, Jeff served an unofficial apprenticeship under his father, from age 8 to 18. Local mechanics liked "the kid's" work so much, that they referred their friends to Jeff to get their cars fixed "on the cheap."

But as good as Jeff was at mechanics, it was truly "love at first sight" when Jeff saw his first computer at the Ontario Science Centre at the tender age of 13. That was a year after Steve Jobs debuted the first Apple II. That tiny ripple of the first packaged personal computer grew into the computer age tsunami that Jeff rode for the past 30 years. He worked in nearly every area of computer technology until he struck out on his own as an entrepreneur building his Codefusion Communications company into a very successful enterprise. He embraced the new wave of "managed services," as well, to provide even better service to his customers.

But as he surveyed the landscape of his technology world, and the challenges that small business owners faced, he started to take things apart again. Things just weren't right. Yes, we have great technology. Yes, we can fix it and maintain it better than ever. And yes, this can allow business owners to focus on their business and not on making technology work But is that all there is? Is this just about fixing computers and maintaining networks? No way!

Jeff Brodie's mission in life is to help business owners Manufacture Time and Print Money in their business by looking at their entire business, understanding what makes it work best, and then finding new ways to take it to the next level of profitability.

Jeff hopes his Profitability Assessment will set you on a path to discover how to boost your profits through technology. If you need help doing so, please call him at 416 335 9392. And he will walk you through the process.