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Jean Schoenecker

Mother, Wife, Mentor, Friend Certified Hypnotherapist Certified Success Coach and Passion Test Facilitator Certified Truly Heal Wellness Coach Platinum Leader – Sisel International: purveyor of the world’s finest toxic-free products and nutriceuticals Former road warrior, recovering perfectionist, lyme disease advocate, professional self-help junkie, dog lover, student of life, amateur ice skater, marathon runner, avid reader, heart-centered entrepreneur, fine-wine aficionado, foodie, meditator, uplifter, seeker, snow lover, problem solver, spiritual vagabond. Jean Schoenecker, C.H. now passionately pursues health in body, mind and spirit for herself and her clients, distributors and customers. She resides in Wisconsin with her husband of 29 years, her dog, and occasionally her college-age daughter. Reach Jean at: www.thesoulofsuccess.com email: [email protected] Or call: (262) 309-2521