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Jay J. Peak

Jay J. Peak offers premier retirement services to clients seeking prudent financial solutions to their needs. Individuals, families and businesses comprise his clientele. Their common thread is one of having an accessible, honest and exceptional executive who oversees their life insurance and financial portfolio. As an independent agent, Jay’s job is to listen to people’s needs, help them identify their financial goals and then specifically tailor financial products to them that will accomplish those goals. His education, licensure, on-going training and continued monitoring of current market developments enable him to provide outstanding service. A fourth generation Oklahoman, Jay comes from a family that pre-dates Statehood. His deep-rooted heritage is filled with role models in business, agriculture, politics, military service and public service. His positive approach to life is based on integrity and conservative values. Jay Peak was raised in Oklahoma City and has over 9 years of experience in safe money strategies. Jay believes that honesty, integrity and the truth are more important than anything else. When Jay established Peak Financial Corporation, he set out with an objective to help clients eliminate as much confusion as possible in planning their financial future. Peak Financial Corporation and Jay Peak are diligent in helping their customers achieve their long term financial objectives by utilizing insurance products. Jay believes everyone should have a financial advisor with honesty, integrity and a commitment to make things simpler and more comprehensible.