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J.R. Kuchta

J.R. Kuchta is a health and fitness expert that is constantly searching for new and more practical ways to help improve people’s lives. In 2007, J.R. ditched a successful corporate finance career to follow his passion for health and fitness and he has not looked back since. First, he obtained the Certified Personal Trainer designation from the International Sports Sciences Association. Then, his quest for more knowledge and fitness information led him to acquire a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification from CrossFit. Now he is studying under one of America’s leading fitness and health pioneers, James Fitzgerald, to obtain the designation of Optimum Performance Training Master Coach. Benefiting from J.R.’s health and fitness explorations have been the clients at Solution 1 Fitness, his personal training business, located in Johnson County, Kansas. Along with a staff of top-notch trainers, J.R. has helped hundreds of clients achieve new levels of health, fitness, and overall happiness through fitness training and nutritional coaching. You won’t find ‘cookie cutter’ workouts or run-of-the-mill nutrition advice at Solution 1 Fitness, either. J.R. believes that the current information on health, fitness, and nutrition is extremely cluttered with misinformation, outdated advice, myths, and downright lies. His passion is directed at constantly researching and experimenting with better ways to train and eat, not only for short-term performance, but also for long-term health and quality of life. Get all the latest health and nutrition info by visiting J.R.’s website at: www.solution1fitness.com.