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Ian Garlic

I have been working in computers since I took my first programming class in 1980. I started connecting with people on BBS' s (Bulletin Board Systems, the online precusor to all social mediain the late 80s when Compuserve was the internet and have been hooked ever since. I graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park FL in 1997 moved to New York City in 2003 and recently relocated back to Orlando to be close to family and friends. I have worked in marketing and online development online brokerages, law firms, hedge funds, commercial real estate and the hospitality industry before evolveALOUD. The most important thing is people are all the same. They have a fear of the unknown and want to be a part of something. The internet allows us to help with those basic need and aid Authentic Businesses in growing. When people seek out information and friendship on the web it gives business the perfect place to truly market and innovate, not just advertise and hope. Now evolveALOUD combines SEO, Social Media and Online Video Strategies into a synergistic inbound campaign. I develop online presences and inbound marketing for small biz and professionals such as Lawyers, Dentists, Doctors and Photographers with our Authentic Web Marketing Company, evolveALOUD. I also consult to major corporations and teach workshops on the subject. The power is now there for small businesses to market and compete on a global scale evol,veALOUD accelerates that power in the most innovative, effective ways. Our team's vision is lead by a quote from Peter F. Drucker : "Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation ... Everything else is an expense..." I really wouldn't say I have free time, but I try to incorporate as much cooking, eating and golf into our business development as is possible.