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Hugh O. Stewart

Hugh O. Stewart has amassed great knowledge in the creation and operation of extremely successful business ventures. He has developed and operated over seventeen businesses in the past decade, in industries including financial services, real estate, advertising, insurance consulting and coaching. Building successful businesses as partnerships is an exceptional way to build wealth, and Hugh has a great deal of experience in that arena as well. He has been involved in nine partnerships— from joint ventures and equity sharing to nonprofit—granting him a deeper understanding of how to create and maintain business relationships that benefit all parties. To share his knowledge for how to build outstanding companies with business owners, Hugh developed the Confident Solutions Coach Program. Using his expertise in building business operational systems, hiring exceptional talent, and helping business owners structure their businesses to allow them to be less involved in the day-to-day operations, his unique coaching methods and products have helped many people to realize the success they desire. Learn more about Hugh Stewart and the successful methods of the Confident Solutions Coach by visiting www.ConfidentSolutionsCoach.com.