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Holt Vaughn

Holt Vaughn is the founder and president of The Eastco Group. The award-winning group of media companies can be found at www.theeastcogroup.com and includes Eastco Worldwide, a full-service branding, marketing, and communications agency; Eastco’s California Road Studios, a world-class audio, video, TV, and film production and post facility featured among Mix Magazine’s class of world’s hottest new studios; and Vaughn Street, LLC, which works with some of the world’s leading faith-based organizations. Holt is known for his ability to get great things done and is a sought-after strategist, producer, writer, and speaker. In addition, he has worked with world-class leaders and executives, international best-selling authors and artists, and organizations large and small, helping them go to the next level. The innovative and big ideas, creative concepts, strategic plans, product development, audio/video/film productions, marketing, branding, and public relations/media strategies Holt and his team provide for clients have sold many millions of dollars of products and services and have effectively reached millions of people around the globe. From projects featuring rock stars and pop phenoms, best-selling authors to Fortune 500 companies, and local and regional clients to publishers and educational and government institutions, Holt has overseen countless projects. As well as being a published writer who has developed leading works for international best-selling authors, Holt has served on college advisory committees and corporate boards, and his work has been covered in local and national publications and television within the entertainment industry, business world, and Christian community.