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Heshie Segal

Heshie Segal is the founder and CEO of The JetNettingTM Connection, a company based on building quality relationships fast, deep and long-lasting and developing the formation of diverse networks, which lay the foundation for any successful business. For the entrepreneur or small business owner, it weaves an interactive net of trusted connections; for corporations, it supports internal collaboration and creates a stronger link to customers; for non-profits, it produces a more expansive volunteer base; for Network Marketing, the results speak for themselves since it should be all about relationships. In a 1/2 billion dollar MLM, Heshie became #1 globally, for helping others build their businesses – all based on her JetNettingTM principles. Every experience you encounter can be a game changer. Heshie gleans the lessons from her abusive childhood experiences and turns them into learning points we can all use to succeed. Sometimes it takes a twist of fate to teach us that fierce independence and going it alone do not generally produce successful results. As a professional speaker and trainer, Heshie focuses on the power of collaboration and provides the mindset and skills that make a difference. Her JetNettingTM system replaces the networking routine so many dislike; i.e. collecting business cards and gathering emails online for the express purpose of pushing business and selling before any relationship has been built, or a need established. Her mini-book, Blink You’re Judged: How to Create a Powerful Positive First Impression is a great resource. If credibility and collaboration, advocacy and authenticity, trust and doing what it takes to build and maintain your relationships and networks is important to you, then Heshie Segal is your go-to person. As a volunteer, Heshie has always been involved in the community, from go-to envelope stuffer, to President or Chairperson. She is a self-starter who multiplied her very first business, The Embroidery Stop, one hundred fold in just two years. This opened the door to speaking, creating award- winning designs, and even coaching and teaching for cruise lines and multi-national organizations. As if this is not enough, she is the one who brought children’s embroidery back to the United States, into schools and hospitals, and recently founded: www. KidsBetterWorld.com, a children’s movement committed to providing basic human needs to all children, equipping them with the values of diversity, self-determination, and responsibility as the path to a prosperous, joyful and humane life. Because she loves connecting people to help explode their businesses, in 2013 she accepted the Presidency of the Philadelphia Area Holistic Chamber of Commerce. In her free time, she loves walking on the beach and collecting rocks and shells. Heshie’s greatest joy is being a beacon for change, a light unto others. For more information or to connect with Heshie Segal: [email protected] www.JetNettingConnection.com Tel: 215-493-1640 ~ c/267-679-4550 www.Twitter.com/heshiesegal www.Facebook.com/heshiesegal www.linkedin.com/in/heshiesegal [email protected] www.KidsBetterWorld.com Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Better-World/223714681057978