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Helen M. Thamm, MS, APRN, CPC

Helen is a member of the American Nurses’ Association and American Psychiatric Nurses’ Association, as well as Sigma Theta Tau, the honor society for nursing. Helen then attained certification in Professional Coaching (CPC) as well as Career and Wellness Coaching. She is a graduate of the Career Coach Institute, an ICF (International Coach Federation) approved coaching program. She now specializes in helping nurses and other female professionals succeed more quickly and with less stress as they transition through career stages such as entering management, changing areas of practice, planning for retirement or exploring career options. She is also a speaker and best-selling author, and is featured as a VIP member of the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. She was interviewed by Elite Radio as an expert in her field. Helen’s new managers’ success toolkit book “How to Manage with a Magic Wand, (No, Don’t Hit Your ‘Problem Employees’ Over the Head with It!)” is available at: helenmthamm.com and popular booksellers. Helen was raised and educated in Chicago, IL, but now lives in beautiful Thermopolis, WY, where she serves her clients throughout the country via telephone coaching and shares success, stress management and life/balance tips at her website and through her tweets (Twitter.com/ nursecareersucc). Contact Info: Helen Thamm can be reached for questions through her educational website: NurseCareerSuccess.com, [email protected] or [email protected]