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Graham Webb

Steve Butters and Graham Webb are the founders of the UK’s fastest growing personal training company, Easyfit Personal Training. Having spent 10 years at the forefront of health and fitness in the UK, Steve and Graham now lead a team of some of the top trainers in the country. Starting from Sport & Exercise Science degree backgrounds, they have studied under the world’s leading experts on health, nutrition, strength, fitness and lifestyle coaching. The number of qualifications gained over this time period is extensive, giving them all the tools they need to get the best results. They have been featured in both the local and national press, along with regularly writing for health and wellness magazines such as Zest, Closer, Body Confidential, Live Cheshire and THE magazine. They have also appeared on local and national TV and are trusted by some of the country’s top celebs and sports stars to get them into shape. Easyfit operates mainly throughout the North of the UK, and if anyone wants guaranteed results like Dave and Rosemary, then you can contact us at: [email protected] Website – www.easyfitpt.co.uk