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Glenna Griffin

Speak America, COO
Ultimate PowerSpeak, COO
Let Your Life Speak Foundation, Co-Founder

Glenna Griffin, is driven to encourage others to make positive choices and changes in their lives! The power of choice and the power of change can result in outstanding personal and professional success!

As seen in USA today, COO of Speak America and Remarkability expert, Glenna is a sought after speaker and trainer. Speak America is a national resource organization for remarkability, dedicated to helping people create and live lives of "Intentional Legacy." Through personal and professional experience, Glenna encourages the development of personal communication skills for the discovery of an individual's true "voice." When someone finds their ‘voice' and purpose, and has the ability to share that discovery with others, the world truly benefits from the gift. Speak America is dedicated to helping people achieve their full realization of that gift. Speak America helps individuals through three key focus areas- ULTIMATE BUSINESS SPEAK, ULTIMATE LIFE SPEAK AND ULTIMATE YOUTH SPEAK. The result of finding your voice and sharing your gift allows people to find their vocation. Glenna believes when you are living out your vocation, then and only then, the result is letting your life speak! When your life speaks, you will be living a life of true "joy!

As co-founder of the Let Your Life Speak Foundation, Glenna travels the world sharing her communication gifts. Her most recent journey on behalf of the foundation was to Kenya where she shared the ULTIMATE POWERSPEAK communication skills as she worked with a political caucus group in Niarobi and children in an orphanage in the remote village of Wikondiek. This effort has now lead to the goal of reaching 5 continents in 5 years and the launching of the national Youth Speak program in the fall of 2009.

When your life speaks, you are on the path to remarkability. The Speak America tagline is..."BE REMARKABLE, GIVE ME A PLACE TO STAND AND I CAN MOVE THE WORLD!" Speak America will move the world one voice at a time, one gift at a time, one person at a time!

Learn more at www.speakamerica.com.