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Gina Viegas MSc

Gina Viegas, MSc is a Body Transformation Expert and Wellness Coach who has been involved in helping hundreds of people get into great shape and health. She has been featured in local, national and international media. Gina’s programmes and no-nonsense approach to health and fitness help busy people strip away unwanted body fat and reach their ultimate dream body. She is passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals and seeing the boost in confidence it subsequently gives them across many areas of their lives.

Originally from Portugal, Gina moved to the United Kingdom when she was 22 to do a Master’s degree in Business and Management. After her degree, she moved to London and has been living there ever since. Gina’s background in the financial world gives her a good insight into the pressures of executive life. Long hours, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and high stress levels were a dangerous combination that caused Gina to become overweight, frustrated and unable to enjoy the type of vibrant life she used to lead. She decided to transform her body and life. She studied fitness, holistic nutrition, NLP and humanistic psychology to arm her with the skills that helped her to transform her shape (she lost 60lbs of fat) and her life. This inspired her to become a wellness coach.

Gina offers Wellness Coaching in person and online to clients all over the world. She also owns a boutique personal training studio in the heart of London’s financial district, specialising in rapid fat loss and lifelong maintenance programs for everyone from CEOs to actors to busy mothers.

Gina is constantly studying the latest research in exercise, nutrition and personal development to help improve her clients’ health, wellness and general wellbeing. She is a published author and a speaker on the topics of holistic nutrition, fitness, wellness and weight loss.

For more information about Gina, visit: www.ginaviegas.com Email: [email protected]