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Gila Belfair

For the last 30 years, Gila has helped her patients to progress and achieve their goals, both personal and interpersonal. She was a social worker for a municipal welfare department, conducted community projects, and was appointed a manager in the department. She taught and trained NLP and guided imagery to therapists and instructors in the field. Gila has her own private clinic for more than ten years now, in which she combines the tools of Gestalt therapy, NLP, guided imagery, communication skills, and more. During her years of experience she has faced the complexities and challenges that relationships entail. Gila has built a model that enables people to acquire a better attitude as well as the tools to improve their relationships. Her model is based on the roles and functions of the connective tissue in our body. Understanding this connection can assist each and every one of us to implement more meaningful and satisfactory relationships with the people in our lives. Gila has a B.A. in Social Work from Bar-Ilan University and an M.A. in Communications from Ben-Gurion University. She studied Gestalt Therapy at Tel-Aviv University, as well as NLP Trainer, at the Retter Institute. Gila is passionate about spreading this message about interrelationship connective tissue. She does so with her patients, as well as by writing, speaking and teaching the model.