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Geri Magee, Ph.D.

Geri Magee, Ph.D. is an honest, direct, and assertive woman whose life journey has helped both women and men from around the world achieve their potential. She has developed herself as a business woman/proprietor, a public speaker, educator, therapist/mentor, contractor and employee for Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout Geri’s life, she has held many different roles; her best is that of a single mother. Her success is not something she did alone but with the help of the community around her.

Geri started as a Financial and Estate Planner at age 23. She later made a midlife career shift after earning a Bachelors and Masters Degree both in Business Globalization/Organization Development and Systemic Therapy and a PhD in Diversity. Geri believes you don’t need to be aggressive with people. She has observed in her life that aiding others multiplies success. Geri helps others to stand up and work together to achieve their goals. That’s true teamwork in motion! Leaving someone on the sidelines was never her ‘cup of tea’. She looks for the potential of each individual around her and couples it with her own to make the world better.

In 1992, Geri first started her career in the insurance industry, and become an expert in the field of asset allocations and preservation of assets within two years. She worked mainly with women to develop secure investment strategies for financial freedom. At that time, she was one of the few licensed women in the industry. Top banking and insurance companies recruited her to develop their insurance and financial divisions.

It wasn’t easy for women in the industry to accomplish, but her 29 years of successfully creating multiple products and programs aided her in working and contracting for major companies such as Allstate, AAA, Hartford, Safeco, NY Life and Mass Mutual, managing multiple locations simultaneously through multi-tasking and adaptability.

Geri’s received several ‘Woman of the Year’ awards both professionally and personally. She has background as a p/t radio host and has been on Good Morning America, Sacramento magazine and is a member and multiple-award winner of IWLA.

Geri specializes in solution-focused and experiential therapy practices, coupled with degrees in business organization. She owned two practices in Western and Eastern Washington until 2014. Then she became ill but is now beating all odds and statistics. Geri remains healthy and positive about life, an inspiration to all that meet her.

Geri created the “Universal Relationship Pyramid” with theories she used for over twenty years in both profit and non-profit organizations. She states that utilizing the “Universal Relationship Pyramid” is easy to do if you break the pyramid down brick by brick. You can create the life you want. First by understanding who you are and secondly by how you choose to react and resolve the various situations and environments around you. After ten sessions most clients never return, successfully resolving situations in their own systemic world. Clients/Patients learn multiple skillsets from the Universal Relationship Pyramid to move from the unknown into the known.