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Genevieve Kohn

Genevieve Kohn, also known as the “Yes I Can Coach,”™ is a best-selling author, success coach and public speaker who writes, coaches and gives workshops with her online, at-home business and all over the United States, sharing her experience and expertise, as well as teaching others how to create the lives of their dreams. She has developed a system called Parent-Goals™ for parents who are also entrepreneurs. This system helps parents balance their family and work lives so they can take care of themselves, their families AND build their fortunes while helping others. With the simplicity of the Parent-GOALS™ system, parents have a clear roadmap to their destinations that also reminds them to enjoy the journey. To learn more about Genevieve Kohn, The Yes I Can Coach™ and how you can receive the free, special report, “Finding Your Own Happiness with Mom-GOALS” (can be used by dads too), visit www.triadsuccesscoaching.com or www.genevievekohn.com.