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Gavin Kent

Gavin has been an athlete all his life. After captaining his high school football team, Gavin went on to play rugby for the nationally-renowned rugby team at the University of California, Berkeley, where they won several National Championships. Now a weekend warrior, Gavin has completed several marathons and triathlons. At present, his main passion is an advanced crossfit style workout for “industrial” athletes called Sealfit. Sealfit workouts are designed by former Navy Seals as a method to get ready for the notoriously difficult Navy Seal qualification and training process. These workouts are physically challenging and require a high degree of mental fortitude. It has always intrigued Gavin how some athletes play above their potential, while others never seem to maximize what they are capable of. He found that the answer lies in the mental aspect of sport. Confidence, playing in the zone, and being that “clutch” player can be learned. It’s not only about natural talent. As a result, Gavin has immersed himself in the research and study of the psychology of sport, which has led him to become certified as a Sports Hypnotist. “I look forward to working with athletes of all ages and capabilities who want achieve their true potential. Unless you work on the mental side of your game, that’s just not going to happen. If you do decide to work with me on the mental side of your game, you’ll realize the benefits of playing with increased confidence, consistent energy, and perhaps best of all, that feeling of being in the zone on demand.” ~ Gavin Kent Other Certifications: Certified Meditation Instructor. Chopra Center For Wellbeing Holistic Health Counselor. Institute For Integrative Nutrition To get started with Gavin call 917-596-7294 or email gkent@athleticperformanceadvantage. com