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Gary Schill

Master Gary A. Schill is the owner and chief instructor of Peak Performance Training Center, a child, family and professional coaching program that provides personal development and success coaching via the Martial Arts. Master Schill is married to his beautiful wife Paula, and together they have five children ranging in ages from 4-30. The three oldest boys all have black belts, his daughter will test for her black belt in 2012 and his youngest son is working towards his black belt sometime in the near future. With more than 38 years of Martial Arts experience, Master Schill has developed a revolutionary development program that is proven to develop a child’s emotional, mental, physical and social intelligence. Understanding that most parents were never taught proper success traits or parenting skills, he developed Parents as Coaches, or “PAC.” The PAC program provides parents with a new set of success secrets that will ensure their children posses life skills found only in the top 3% of the world’s population. Master Schill works with the local school districts teaching anti-bullying, anti-negative peer pressure and abduction prevention techniques to more than 25,000 children annually. In addition, he provides parenting clases to local parents and various organizations.