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Fritz Engels

Fritz Engels is well known in the Northwest Georgia area where he has taught safe retirement principles and full financial planning for over 30 years. He uses his expertise to educate his clients through detailed financial analysis and investment and tax planning strategies to preserve and grow estates and wealth-planning programs. Fritz Engels is not only a financial planner, he is an asset conservationist and estate planner that understands IRA’s, taxes, tax laws, and the government systems that can affect us as we age. He founded Engels Financial Group to provide retirement and estate planning to retirees and those nearing retirement. As an independent licensed financial planner and wealth adviser, Fritz is able to do what is in the best interest of his clients and not a specific company. He provides a high level of business integrity that his clients can trust. His goal is to provide his clients with the potential for positive returns in all types of market conditions, with no risk of loss of principal and guaranteed lifetime income for those with specific economic and conservative needs as well as full financial planning for those well beyond the conservative phases of wealth building. Fritz assists families in Atlanta and NW Georgia and the surrounding area to preserve their capital, increase their income and organize their portfolios for more profitability. People who consult with Fritz find that they lower their tax bills as much as 50%, eliminate taxes on their Social Security income, increase their fixed monthly income, avoid government and court interferences, avoid all losses and obtain better protection for their financial future. Fritz offers FULL financial planning, including taxes, legal, investments, TRUSTS, fixed income, pension planning and tax-free income programs providing CPA and Lawyers from his staff. Fritz is also involved in the local community, serving as a member of Heritage Presbyterian Church. Fritz is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and a teacher at a local university. Fritz and his wife and family live in Acworth, GA; Fritz has two college degrees; one from LSU and the other from KSU. Fritz is considered a veteran financial planner and his present client base has been very happy with his work for over 30 years. THE ENGELS FINANCIAL GROUP has an A+ BBB rating. Fritz is a caring individual who is committed to building strong and lasting relationships with his clients and has earned the respect and friendship of many individuals in his community. Just as these clients have come to know and believe in The Engels Financial Group, you are sure to be pleased with Fritz’s services as well.