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Fred Reck

Fred Reck is a technology consultant in Central Pennsylvania. Combining his strong background in sales, management, finance and mathematics, he has successfully built multiple businesses and advised well over 500 businesses on thousands of technology and systems integration issues. Pulling from his technology beginnings working for IBM in their systems integration and training division, Fred and his team is able to implement technology improvements within an organization with minimal business disruption.

Fred is known for advising clients on improving business efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. By putting a solid technology infrastructure and processes in place, Fred helps businesses automate, integrate and improve their business processes while reducing the risk of business downtime and gaining the ability to quickly recover when disaster does strike.

Several nation-wide technology industry groups, which focus on setting the standard for operational, marketing and quality control issues in the IT consulting field, have benefitted from Fred’s leadership. He has been recognized with multiple international management and marketing awards, as well as local business awards for his consulting firm, InnoTek Computer Consulting, Inc. in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. To learn more about Fred Reck, InnoTek Computer Consulting, or to learn more information on how to hire the right professional technology consultant for your business, visit www.innotekcc.com or call 570-245-0033.