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Ethan Hale

Ethan Hale, founder of E. F. Hale Enterprises, LLC, has been selected as an expert blogger for FastCompany.com. Ethan’s blog series, “3rd Millennium Thinking Skills,” will appear regularly on Fast Company’s Leadership page. The blog features cool brain/mind related topics relevant to business in the third millennium. Hale said he started life from a broken home, had an extremely physically abusive stepfather and overcame drug addiction and divorce. In the years since he first began using the six-step process, he earned his G.E.D. and went to college, where he earned an A.A. and B.S. in psychology and a Master’s degree in counseling. He says, “I have three beautiful daughters who never knew me as that person I was and have no fear that I will ever harm them. Life is trying at times for all of us but by choosing life and taking ACTION, you can achieve anything you work towards in life.” Ethan has been an entrepreneur most of his life, and all things related to how people learn fascinate him. He has an M.Sc. in psychology and a Master’s level certificate as a certified vocational evaluator; he is a Licensed Professional Counselor, NLP trainer, hypnotherapist, author, trainer, life and business coach, martial arts instructor and motorcycle instructor. He puts 50,000 miles a year on his Harley and loves every one. Ethan shares his insights with hundreds of people every year in trainings, articles, books and videos. “I have always been fascinated by choices and decision-making in our lives. My mother had brain cancer twice and I became even more amazed at the way our choices affect our health, healing and growth. This has led me to seek out knowledge in a wide array of topics and synergistically merge them into useful formats,” remarked Ethan. Hale is also the author of the books 3rd Millennium Marketing Musts and 3rd Millennium Thinking Skills, due out in 2012, and editor of 3rd Millennium Marketing Mag. Ethan is now returning his attention to some of his first business loves: training, seminars and Internet marketing. To learn more about Ethan Hale, please visit www.efhale.com.