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Erick Robertson

Erik R. Robertson, M.A., was raised in Tokyo, Oslo, Abidjan and New York, at English/Canadian, French, Norwegian and Dutch schools. He graduated as an Educational Psychologist with honors and top of his class in (Educational) Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

Erik first worked in the garment trade, doing millions of dollars in sales. The company he helped found then went bankrupt, an enlightening and difficult experience that made him question his life and goals. He was then signed up by one of Hollywood’s most successful agents and sent to acting school in NYC. Despite this golden opportunity, Erik decided to move back to The Netherlands; he was driven by the need to help his fellow men and he did not feel a glorious acting career was the path for that goal.

In the course of the 90s, Erik worked as a psychologist for various Institutions. Erik founded his own company Corporate Health in the late 90s with an accent on coaching, vitality (and stress-prevention), (no-nonsense and goal-oriented) Teambuilding, Human Values and Corporate Social Responsibility; and also Inspiration (Reawakening the Spirit in Work). He works as a Life Coach for CEO’s from many top Fortune 500 companies as well as for managers working in various profit and not-for- profit Organizations. Erik has trained most front line healthcare workers from almost every Foundation in the Netherlands.

Erik states that: “People (and this also applies to companies) are able to be in a state of what is known as ‘flow’; instead of living and/or functioning in light neuroses that we regrettably refer to as our personality (or when speaking of companies: that part of the company culture that is implicit and often subconscious if you will.) Our personality (and/or the aforementioned culture) is often made up of many conditionings that in reality serve no purpose other than encapsulating our true and grand potential.

To be in a state of ‘flow’ can be experienced when you transcend the person you think you are, or when you transcend the existing company culture to excel even further. Needless to say the results are spectacular. Employees’ performance rises, communication improves and increases and work attendance improves dramatically...to name but a few benefits.

In the case of parenting, families become happy, loving and constructive environments in which both children and parents flourish! Recently Erik co-developed a Mentoring Pilot at one of India’s most prestigious International Universities.

 During 15 years Erik had a successful Parenting practice as an Educational Psychologist in The Netherlands. He worked with thousands of parents from all walks of life and from all nations.

He also gave Parenting workshops at The American School of The Hague (ASH) and The International School of Amsterdam (ISA). He currently gives talks and workshops on Parenting all over the world.

Based on his extensive research and experience he has written:

Oops! The Parenting Handbook: I wish I had known this before...


It is Erik’s mission to inspire, support and empower parents with his loving yet down- to-earth and practical book.