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Eric Gelder

Eric Gelder is the owner of Body Envy Fitness for Women and is considered Arizona’s #1 Fat Loss Expert for Women. He created Body Envy Fitness for the sole purpose of motivating, encouraging and training women to reach their full fitness and fat loss potential in the quickest ways possible. Eric brings over 16 years of personal training, fitness training management, nutritional consulting and group training experience to Body Envy Fitness. He’s also been a contributing writer for the fitness trade publication Club Success and has been certified by several national fitness associations – including certifications from ISSA, IFPA and ACE. Having well over 20,000 documented training sessions with clients under his belt, he has developed his own unique fitness training approach that works, based on real world experience with actual clients. His Body Envy Fitness Training System is highly touted by Arizona women for achieving rapid fat loss results by using simple, effective, proven training and nutritional techniques. Having spent well over a decade coaching, Eric has successfully integrated his wealth of fitness knowledge into a highly motivating atmosphere, so that clients at Body Envy Fitness can achieve their own dramatic fat loss and fitness results. As a fitness coach , it is Eric’s mission to make fitness a fun, motivating, results-producing activity for women – so that they can achieve all their desired goals – and to support them in developing a lifestyle of health and fitness. www.EricGelder.com www.BodyEnvyFitness.com Contact Eric at 480-686-ENVY (3689)