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Emma Tiebens

Emma Tiebens is the Founder of The Relational Marketer. She is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs on how to create a powerful online presence for their business using technology to build and foster business relationships with people they wouldn’t have been able to reach before. As a result of that relationship, they feel the need to invest in whatever it is that you offer - product, system or service. As a Mentor, Consultant and Coach, she is all about Encouraging, Enlightening and Empowering Entrepreneurs and teaching them how to leverage social skills and technology to reach a greater audience. Her “Accountability Action Items” propel them to move forward. She specializes in getting them out of the overwhelm mode and helps them line up their goals with their dreams and passion! As a Speaker, she speaks about the importance of “Relationships First” and she teaches entrepreneurs a step by step process of Attracting, Nurturing and Retaining your perfect clients online and offline! She shows you how you can become memorable, how to make a good first impression, what posture you need to have to attract industry leaders and how you can show your customers your authentic desire to help them. As an Author, she has written a book - “Attracting Customers For Life” and has co-authored a book with Mari Smith and 19 other authors worldwide called “The Relationship Age”. She currently has 3 books in the works: Instant Online Celebrity, Relational Marketing Secrets and Proverbial Success Principles For Entrepreneurs. As a Branding and Positioning Expert, she helps you identify your brand and how your target audience will resonate with your brand. She teaches you how to use social media and video marketing to share your expertise with your target audience by continuously giving them value, which enables you to create long-term advocates. As a Wife and Mom, she manages to live a life of balance with her husband and # 1 fan, Gary! You can ask their 8-year old son Garrett and he’ll tell you, “My Mom is a super cool Mom”! Garrett is also an online celebrity himself. Through his Mom’s mentorship and guidance, Garrett is what you may call a “Kidpreneur” and has successfully set up his video blog www.GemstoneKid.com . As a Child of God, Emma believes that all of us were called for a higher purpose and that part of our higher calling is to support and encourage each other. She believes that we have all been given gifts that needed to be shared to make someone’s life better. Author, Mentor, Speaker Trainer and Infotainer, Joel Bauer www.Infotainer.com has this to say about Emma: “Emma is a wonderful relational marketing machine! She takes action and produces immediate results! This is a woman who will enable you to potentially make a lot of money with a whole lot of freedom” Imagine being mentored by someone like Emma to help you build your business? There will be no stopping you!” To learn more about Emma Tiebens, The Relational Marketer - and receive 10 Free Videos on “How To Use Relational Marketing To Grow Your Business” please visit www.TheRelationalMarketer.com . She also has a CD called “7 Secrets To Creating A Powerful and Profitable Online Presence” available at www.CreateYourOnlinePresenceNow.com As The Relational Marketer, she encourages you to ask yourself: “Whose Life Is Now Better Because of Yours”?