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Elizabeth Weihmiller

Elizabeth Weihmiller has a passion for helping others overcome limiting beliefs, fulfill their potential and achieve their unique success. She has had the unique advantage of learning, growing and uncovering her unique gifts early as a result of challenging situations that she has faced. These include her parents divorce at a young age, a difficult stepmom, her adored stepdad’s unexpected death, winter break her senior year in high school right after moving to a new city with no support network, switching schools several times as her own choice, meeting executives of clients while young, overcoming the naysayers on her goals and dreams and overcoming her own insecurities and lack of confidence in herself. The coaching and mentoring she has received, including from her Mom, Boss and three-time best selling author Gayle Abbott, has helped her continuously evolve on her journey.

She knows that when you discover your strengths, potential hindering factors, purpose and destiny, you can more easily move along your unique path. You can take action to minimize potential hindering factors and can change limiting unconscious or subconscious beliefs. She uses all she has learned about the esoteric sciences to help others progress along their path.

Elizabeth’s goal is to give the advantage she has had to others who have big dreams, feel they are missing something in their life, are blocked by feelings of limitations or who even just want to go to the next level without the normal way of having older adults dictate to them or tell them what to do. She is passionate about using new, ‘outside the box’ ways of doing things and moving to higher levels of consciousness, while still being grounded and aware of the practical realities of the world.

Elizabeth is a graduate of Northern Arizona University (Go Lumberjacks!) with a degree in Business Management and certificates in Economics and Human Resources. She is a Certified Behavioral Analyst, Certified Values Analyst, TriMetrix® HD Certified, and EQ Certified. She also has certifications in PER-K and PSYCH-K.

She joined Strategic Alignment Partners, Inc. full time upon graduation after really weighing the pros and cons of taking a “normal” corporate job versus the life of an entrepreneur. Since joining, she has played a crucial role in helping take the company to new levels, bringing in new ways of doing things and delivering exceptional levels of client service. She has grown up around business and attributes her love of business and entrepreneurism to this fact, even though she swore she would never go into the “family” business. She loves cars and airplanes and in her spare time loves spending time with her two Siberian Huskies – Mystic and Snowball, reading, travelling, learning new things, hanging with friends, working out, and anything that can be done in the majestic outdoors.

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