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Elisabeth Potter

Elizabeth Potter brings more than 25 years of experience with logistics, production, customer service and financing. Utilizing these skills, she opened her first company in 2007. As a professional organizer specializing in small business, she has built a reputation as a reliable, effective and proactive consultant. Elizabeth has worked with many small-business owners to create systems that help them understand and achieve greater efficiency and profitability. Feedback from clients and realizing a niche for other services led Elizabeth to form a new company, Systemized For Play Ltd (www.systemizedforplay.com), in July 2010. The market for the services offered by Systemized For Play Ltd is not unusual; however, new thinking and up-to-date economic research offered by the company has proven to be very successful with various clients. Her largest project started in 2009 where she started LP Credit Resolution LLC (www.LPcreditresolution.com), a debt-buying company committed to helping at least 10,000 people with their debt. She has trained in the areas of computer science, economics, accounting software, business management, sales and marketing and is a proud member of the American Credit Association, Professional Organizers of Canada as well as a member of the Progressive Group For Independent Business.