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Ed Sanderson

Ed Sanderson has been in the college-planning field for seven years. He currently holds the position of COO with CollegePlanningSpecialists.com. His primary focus is to make sure that families successfully navigate the admission, application and financial aid process. With the firm’s experience successfully helping more than 2,700 families through the extremely emotional journey of planning for careers, majors and colleges, as well as working with each family to determine a strategic plan for paying for college without compromising their long term retirement plans– Ed Sanderson and the team at College Planning Specialists are now poised to share their knowledge with families all over the country.

Ed was born in the inner city of Boston. At an early age his parents appreciated the importance of education and moved him and his four siblings to a safer suburb outside of the city. With a lot of hard work, Ed was accepted at Northeastern University. However, after discovering that his family did not have the resources to help him attend college, Ed felt that no one (including his guidance counselor) completely understood how the financial aid system could have let him attend. Disappointedly, he made his way to southern California to start his own family.

Determined to not let the same misfortune befall his children , Ed set out to understand the intricacies of the admission process along with dissecting the convoluted financial aid formula. Today, Ed uses his knowledge to educate the families of north San Diego County, where he lives with his wife Arlene, of seventeen years and his three children: Grant, Sierra, and Brock.