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Dushan Vaithilingam

Dushan Vaithilingam (B.Sc. [Hon], M.D., Ph.D.) is a physician-scientist who currently works as a medical director for two health-care companies and serves on a government steering committee that facilitates the development of innovative health-care delivery systems. He also serves as a practicing physician with a focus on the health of senior citizens and is also involved with software development and the development of innovative products and services for health-care and related industries. In the past, he has served on several university student committees and the governing council of a major university that provided leadership in various aspects of biomedical research. Dr. Vaithilingam has addressed several international and local conferences both in the U.S. and Canada and has received several awards related to his work. He says that his goals are to develop sustainable charities that support the work with orphans worldwide, providing them with much needed health care, education, nutrition and love. To learn more about Dr. Vaithilingam’s current innovative work in leadership development and personal development, email: [email protected]. A website on leadership development is expected to be launched soon, and several of Dr. Vaithilingam’s books on this topic should become available in the near future. Anyone who has expressed interest through the email address listed above will be notified of the developments.