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Dulcee Loehn

Dulcee Loehn is a FocalPoint Certified Business Coach and the owner of FocalPoint Business Performance of Tampa Bay, Inc. Dulcee partners with her clients, and together they improve all areas of the business, maximizing revenue, profitability, and return on investment. Using the FocalPoint system, powered by Brian Tracy, Dulcee introduces business concepts and then works with her clients to unearth effective ideas to apply those concepts to the business. This step by step process produces continuous improvement to the business. Her clients begin to realize the goals and aspirations for their business, many for the first time. Dulcee’s passion for what she does comes through to everyone she touches because through coaching, she can live her purpose of improving the professional and personal lives of business owners to new levels of success, prosperity and fulfillment. Dulcee founded FocalPoint Business Performance of Tampa Bay in 2007, but has been a coach for over 10 years. She brings to her clients extensive experience in all aspects of business management, organizational effectiveness and leadership. This, coupled with the FocalPoint system, equips her with the foundation and robust tools to deliver huge value to her clients. What excites Dulcee the most about being a FocalPoint Business Coach, is the measured, tangible results enjoyed by her clients. Through working with her, the clients put methods in place to measure and track the key data that drives the business. Her clients know the exact value, monetarily and otherwise, they are getting for every dollar they spend in the business. They know their return on investment for their efforts and money. The clients make smart, strategic decisions that transform the business toward their vision. In addition to being a coach for business owners and executives, Dulcee is also an experienced and sought after speaker and trainer. She also works with incoming FocalPoint coaches, assisting them to build healthy and profitable coaching practices. She is a FocalPoint Certified Trainer, participating in the education and certification of incoming coaches. To learn more about Dulcee Loehn and FocalPoint Business Performance of Tampa Bay, and receive a free coaching session, visit www.yourbusinesscoachisin.com or call #813-469-0012.