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Dr. Veronica Anderson

Dr. Veronica Anderson is the new generation of medicine; she transcends all boundaries with her passion for wellness through her unique brand of Social Media MedicineTM. Through her artfully blended and controversial perspectives, Dr. Veronica shares her belief that wellness encompasses everything from mind, body and spirit to happiness, personal growth, sex and relationships. Currently with a listener base of over 30 million worldwide weekly on BlogTalkRadio and Old Grumpy Radio Networks, her popularity continues to tip the scales. Her weekly talk radio show Wellness for the REAL World touches on health, politics and pop culture, with edgy viewpoints that engage her guests and listeners while often exploring uncharted territory. A graduate of Princeton University, Dr. Veronica is repeatedly requested to appear on news and commentary programs, including Nancy Grace (CNN), Our World with Neil Cavuto (Fox News Channel) and Live with Adam Corolla. Her fans clamor to get more of Dr. Veronica’s straightforward, pull-no-punches philosophy on Facebook, Twitter (@DrVeronicaEyeMD), LinkedIn and Pinterest. Fans can get more of her on her popular, edgy blog on DrVeronica.com. She also hosts popular webinars through AskDrVeronica.com and Facebook. In addition, Dr. Veronica coaches and consults for entrepreneurs through RichDoctorCoaching.com and has been featured at such conferences as “Internet Prophets LIVE”. Having practiced at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and on staff at Philadelphia’s Willis Eye Hospital, this American Board of Ophthalmology diplomat and fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology chose to shift gears and realize her dream, emerging as a technology-savvy, smart, outspoken sagacious voice for healthy living in today’s world. Dr. Veronica left practice as an Eye Surgeon to bring to the world wellness through Social Media Medicine.