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Dr. Tayo

Dr. Tayo helps her clients gain clarity, purpose and passion, so that they can lead the successful life of their dreams. For many, success is a dream... meant for other people! With her proven and unique style, Dr. Tayo takes direct aim at busting this myth by using her vast knowledge and experience; distilling it into a process you can easily apply in your own life to achieve the results you desire. She is an authority in getting the best out of you.

Dr. Tayo was born in London, UK, and moved to Nigeria with her parents, where she grew up in several cities. She graduated from the prestigious University of Ibadan Medical School, following which she specialized in Radiology at the Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff.

With a medical degree, five specialty certifications and a sub-specialty fellowship under her belt, she has practiced in several countries around the world. In addition to a busy career as a radiologist, she is the Founder and CEO of ProRad, whose mission is to be the home of leading-edge radiology in emerging countries.

An avid traveller and life-long student, Dr. Tayo discovered and distilled a critical set of success principles she uses herself. They have been honed over several years of personal experience and research into a process you can apply easily in your own life.

Dr. Tayo is leaving no stone unturned in spreading her easy-to-apply system far and wide. Her clients trust her to get them results and have described their time with her as life-changing and transformational. She aims to cut your own success journey time as short as possible, and keeps the journey interesting, practical and relevant.

You can connect with Dr. Tayo here:
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