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Dr. Ravee Packirisamy

Dr. Ravee Packirisamy, is an entrepreneur, author, trainer and motivational speaker known for his theories on transformation, and an International Training Consultant for Tasly International Co., Ltd. of Tasly Group. He has been the monumental force behind the business expansion of Tasly pharmaceutical healthcare product range, contributing over USD150 million sales turnover in the past 15 years using a network marketing platform. Following his outstanding performance, dedication and tenacity, Tasly Group awarded the exclusive distributorship status for their core products to Jasacare Sdn. Bhd, a company founded by Dr. Ravee. Jasacare today supplies its healthcare product range to various pharmacy chain outlets and wellness outlets throughout the country. His international business expansion over the last decade has created many new business opportunities and affiliations globally.

Dr. Ravee is a renowned speaker for his transformative talks to the direct selling industry around the globe, and a maestro with a passion to transform people by tapping the inner energy within every individual. He is the founder of Way2Sucess Resources, providing trainings and seminars for entrepreneurs and public enrichment programs for the middle and higher education students as well as his corporate social responsibility initiatives for the socially-displaced members of society.

His success journey was no coincidence, nor did it come on a silver platter. As any ordinary working person who comes from a village background, Dr. Ravee had quite the opposite engineering happening within himself. He pursued his goals to break barriers and achieve extraordinary success, which he successfully did within 1.5 decades.

Awards and accolades received include: Most Prestigious Outstanding Entrepreneur Award by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award (APEA) in 2007, Corporate Leader(s) of the Year Award in 2009, first Malaysian to have his Footprint embedded in gold at the Star Avenue in Tianjin China in 2006. Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy, Achiever of “The Malaysian Independent Award 1957”, the Global Entrepreneur Award from Malaysian Indian Business Association (MIBA) in 2008. He was featured in The Malaysian Indian Journey Book 2010 & Who’s Who Constitution, Government and Politics – 2013/14 edition, and Commissioned as Senior Assistant Commissioner of RELA Malaysia (People’s Voluntary Corp) by the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs.

His high-geared success journey was the prelude to local and international media attention, to which he was invited as a guest speaker on various media channels.

He has captured his vast experiences in many books and audio recordings since 2008. In 2018, Dr. Ravee also co-authored The Abundance Factor with world-renowned author, Dr. Joe Vitale, which became an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Dr. Ravee’s magical story of using the Law of Attraction in his own life is an inspiration to thousands.

Dr. Ravee is a committee member of Club RELA Kehormat/Bersekutu W.P. and a member of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation. Today, Dr. Ravee devotes his initiatives reaching out to people seeking social enhancement, financial transformation, business knowledge and skills development as well as inner growth. The uniqueness of Dr. Ravee’s approach in transformative coaching makes him a star above the rest.

You can connect with Dr. Ravee at:
• www.facebook.com/raveetaslyglobal.taslyglobal
• Instagram: raveetasly
• YouTube Channel: Way2Success - Dr Ravee
• www.way2success.my
• www.jasacare.com
• www.facebook.com/waytosuccessresources