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Dr. Nicholas Cooper-Lewter

Reverend Dr. Nicholas Cooper-Lewter holds a Master of Social Work degree and a Ph.D. in Psychology. He has studied at the Ecumenical Center for Black Church Studies in Claremont, California under H.H. Mitchell, Th.D. and is a supervising Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist. A grandmaster, he has personally developed an Asian-African American Martial Art style of Kung Fu. Throughout his four-decade career as a licensed psychotherapist, life coach, mental trainer, optimum performance professional and sports psychology expert, Dr. Cooper- Lewter has served as a senior pastor, tenured full professor, visiting full professor, distinguished lecturer, chaplain resource (mentor), workshop facilitator, and a motivational speaker. He served as a commissioner on the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc., Katrina National Justice Commission, and as a consultant. He has worked with universities, seminaries, churches, agencies, foundations, and institutes around the world. Dr. Cooper-Lewter is called the “Inmate Whisperer” by Capital Trial Attorneys because of his ability to facilitate inmates sharing difficult psycho-social histories. In 2012, he was chosen to be on the cover of the Carolinian magazine, which was the inaugural issue of the University of South Carolina’s “No Limits” branding effort. The Carolinian’s featured story gave him a new nickname: the “Soul Whisperer.” He “coaches hearts to empower minds” to embrace their God-given potential. His clients and many former students agree that “when the unspoken must be spoken & the unknown must be known,” Rev. Dr. Cooper-Lewter is the one to trust. He conducts therapist trainings, he works with athletes at all levels and in all sports to overcome the odds to optimize personal achievement on and off the field, and he assists in the development of Rites of Passage programs for youth. He honors his African, Native American and European ancestry and recommends recapturing the ancient healing folk/spiritual values and practices of “Soul Therapy.” Cooper-Lewter’s speaking and teaching abilities have been honored with a number of national teaching and service awards. He is especially recognized for his ability to motivate and inspire others through his personal story of adoption and overcoming childhood abuse. In his practice of Soul Therapy, he helps people eliminate Inceptional Wretchedness from the Who is the Who in Who I Am. Spiritually, Rev. Dr. Cooper-Lewter challenges people to become People of the Resurrection instead of living crucified and stuck at the Cross. Dr. Cooper-Lewter’s innovative and successful work with athletes has been showcased in both the national and international media with documentaries on his work. His research and work addressing shame, trauma, grieving, and the power of real love have earned him international respect. Reverend Dr. Cooper-Lewter’s first book, Soul Theology: The Heart of American Black Culture that was co-authored with Dr. H.H. Mitchell, has been well received around the world. His book, Black Grief and Soul Therapy, has earned him the designations of the Black Jung and the American Fanon. Forthcoming are two works titled Wretched No More and Championship Choices. Facebook: Dr. Nick the Soul Whisperer Twitter: twitter.com/DrNick Website: Cooperlewter.com